Backup is a crucial component of any IT infrastructure, and its management is equally important.

However, in reality, this key service is often poorly implemented, and expensive to deploy. Whether the misconfiguration of a backup job or misplacement of a tape by an employee, successful backup implementation is difficult thing to achieve.

F5 IT’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) platform is designed to make backup easy and achievable for your data centre workloads. Our platform is cost-effective and flexible. Through a combination of our enterprise-grade platform, coupled with finely honed operational processes and onsite support, F5 IT’s BaaS platform has got you covered.

F5 IT’s Backup as a Service platform is designed to provide a highly available, high-capacity backup platform delivered to your Home or Office in such a way that you pay only for what you use.



  • High Availability Architecture: F5 IT’s BaaS platform has been designed to be highly available at every layer. F5 IT has partnered up with Industry-leading brands such and Veeam and Acronis to leverage their architecture.
  • File Versioning: Daily or weekly backups these days are just not going to cut it, sometimes you need to restore a file from an hour ago – not last Monday. This is where real-time file versioning backups come into place allowing you to restore as you see fit.
  • Fully Featured: With a range of different types of infrastructure available these days, F5 IT’s platform is designed to work seamlessly with a variety of virtualisation and database platforms. Backup rotations are configurable based on business requirements, with Cloud and on-site options available to meet compliance requirements. Our platform includes all required hardware and software licensing.
  • High Security: Backup jobs are transmitted across private network links without touching the Internet. Dedicated tapes can be provisioned to ensure your data is kept segregated from all others.
  • Cost Efficient & Reliable: Our service is cost-efficient compared with the total cost of ownership of a dedicated backup platform. At the same time, F5 IT’s backup as a service platform is more reliable than a traditional in-house operation with onsite staff available to rotate tapes as required and do emergency restores on a 24x7x365 basis.