F5 IT – Terms & Conditions of Service

Last changed: 09/08/2020

Office 365 – Licensing

All license are governed by Microsoft and are subject to Microsoft’s terms and conditions.

F5 IT Pty Ltd and you (the customer) hold a one year contract from the time the licences are provisioned.

A minimum of one year shall pass prior to any cancellation requests otherwise a break contract fee will apply, unless stated otherwise in any quote.

If you (the customer) wish to break contract the break fee will be paid by you (the customer).

F5 IT Pty Ltd will take no responsibility for the operations of Microsoft and its 365 suite.

F5 IT Pty Ltd are certified distributors of Microsoft CSP licenses.

F5 IT – Terms & Conditions of Service

1. The client authorises the employees and contractors of F5 IT Pty Ltd to receive and transport their device to and from their facilities by courier or by a staff member.

2. The client represents, warrants, and affirms that he/she is the owner of or corporate representative for the device sent for data recovery.

3. Any property left with F5 IT Pty Ltd for more than 60 days will be disposed of, sold, reused, or recycled. In this case, F5 IT Pty Ltd is without liability to the client or any third party.

4. The client understands that, although our success rate is extremely high, data recovery cannot be guaranteed. There are cases where no data at all can be recovered or only some of the data can be recovered.

5. The client understands that a electrical components, hard drive, SSD, mobile phone, tablet, USB flash drive, memory card, or any other electronic device may fail at any time – even while in possession of F5 IT Pty Ltd. The client shall not hold F5 IT Pty Ltd responsible in any way for any such failure.

6. In no event will a contractor or employee of F5 IT Pty Ltd be liable for any loss of data, damage to the device, loss of revenue or profit, or any other consequence of the service provided.

7. F5 IT Pty Ltd agrees to keep all data recovered private and confidential at all times. Any child pornography found must be reported to a respective law enforcement division, as this is required by law. All other data will remain confidential in accordance with privacy laws. If any data that we recover is requested by law enforcement, this will be provided in accordance with the law.

8. A full payment is due prior to the release of data, unless a previous arrangement has been made.

In the event that we are successful with recovering your data (with minimum files recovered – see point 9) the minimum amount required to pay will be 1 or 2 hours of work depending on complexity of situation. The standard hourly rates for Data Recovery are $154 ex gst for Residential customers and $154 ex gst for Businesses. This will be discussed prior to accepting the job.

9. Our “No-Data, No-Fee” policy only applies for specified cases. In some circumstances, an initial fee which is not refundable may be requested before work is started. This is always discussed before we begin our data recovery procedures, and will be stated in a quote for your device.

Data deemed recovered is that of a minimum of 10 files not including system files.

Personal and required data including but not limited to data base files, excel documents and word documents, photos and videos are included payable circumstances.

10. Payment Methods accepted: EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard, EFT/Bank transfer or

Cash. Cheques are not accepted.

11. Once the data recovery work is completed, you are welcome to examine/test any files you like. Once you take the data out of our office, or if you make a payment and we deliver it to you by a courier – there is no refund for any reason.

12. If you approve your quote and request that we cancel the job for any reason after 24 hours has passed, we cannot provide you with any refund. The payment you have made will be kept, we can stop work and return the device to you at no additional cost.

13. Payment is required prior to delivery of your recovered data.

14. For Computer and Laptop Repairs – Payment is required within 7 days for Businesses and after job completion for residential customers.

15. If the method of data recovery we quoted you for fails, we may offer you another method and provide you with a revised quote which will be higher in price. This will be an obligation-free quote.

16. We cannot guarantee how much data can be recovered from your device, we will only know when we complete the recovery attempt. We strive to retrieve all possible recoverable data. You will be permitted to test the data and check if your important files are in good condition before you pay us. Our goal will be to recover your most important files, as well as all other data, in the best condition possible.

17. All Website Design work must have content created and sent to us prior to starting the Website Design.

All revisions for the design must not entail customer change of mind or sudden changes to the design as these changes will cost the customer further time added to invoice.

All design and website functionality that requires further amendments will have the cost warn by us to fix these issues.

18. Late payment of invoices that are more than 14 overdue will attract an additional 10% late payment fee each 14 days it is not finalised, unless proper authorisation has been given from F5 IT Pty Ltd management.

We hold the timing to our discretion that after a certain amount of time a debt collector will be enforced to collect the final amount owing on the invoice plus any debt collector fees needed.