Experts in SAP Performance Testing

Every SAP project needs to safeguard application performance, whether it is an upgrade, a greenfield implementation, or a cloud migration. No Project Manager wants to be responsible for users complaining that the new system is frustratingly slow, or for having the whole system grind to a halt on heavy-usage days. The SAP team at F5 IT can help your project’s go-live day be one where everything goes according to plan, instead of being a time of chaotic firefighting.

Experts in SAP

SAP is an exclusive club. It’s easy to find generalist performance testers but finding testers with genuinely deep SAP experience is almost impossible. The SAP team at F5 IT is exclusively focussed on SAP performance testing, and it shows. We know how to work effectively with your Basis team, SMEs and functional consultants and ABAP developers to get the best outcomes for your project.


Managing costs is important for all projects but it becomes increasingly difficult as delays inevitably occur. We believe in keeping budgeting simple, so we offer SAP performance testing as a fixed-price managed service. Keep your performance testing costs under control no-matter what else happens on your project.

Find problems before your users do

With our deep SAP experience, we have seen a lot of your problems before. Whether you are implementing Fiori, migrating to the Azure cloud, or finally upgrading ECC6 to HANA and S4, we know our way around your SAP system, and we know what to look for. Let us help you prevent expensive and embarrassing problems from impacting your business teams.

Support SAP MaxAttention

Many projects engage SAP’s MaxAttention team to optimise system performance with their VTO and BPPO products. To get the best value from this expensive service, a project needs to be able to run load tests while the VTO team observes the system. We have extensive experience working with SAP VTO teams on multiple projects, and helping projects maximise the benefits from engaging SAP MaxAttention.

We are ready when your project needs us

All projects experience delays – whether it is as simple as waiting an extra week for a test environment or waiting six months for critical functionality to finally be delivered. It makes no sense to have a full-time performance tester sitting around waiting for dependencies to be met.

Our managed service model means that we are ready when your project is ready. Sometimes this requires full-time focus, and sometimes this requires answering an email or two just to keep things moving. The F5 IT team does the majority of performance testing work remotely, with the option of site visits for critical meetings or high-focus periods.

We believe that our highly responsive, on-demand model is the best fit for most SAP projects. Ask us how we can best help yours.

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