Melbourne Business IT Specialists

We Don’t Sell IT Solutions.
We Sell a Partnership!

True Partnership

We value relationships.
One of our key strengths is the retention of customers through on going mutual partnership benefits.

We’ve Been Around

We’ve seen a few fossils in our time. Since our inception we’ve thrived on being the go-to I.T company for when your business is ready to update and grow.

No Lock in Contracts

There are no sales tactics and no beating around the bush. We pride ourselves on up-holding only the best in customer service. You will want to stay with us by choice.

True Cost Saving Solutions

All partnerships come with great cost saving benefits. We have access to top leading brands at discounted prices.

Business Oriented

We’re business owners, just like you.
We might be more I.T savvy but at the end of the day we want to see your business grow! That’s our bottom line.

Generous Time Saving

We don’t look at the clock when you call and understand business needs.
Our bottom line is success, we succeed when you succeed.

Proper use of Technology

Access to on-demand training and supplier run seminars will leave you with more I.T knowledge on how your business can leverage technology properly and grow.

We Have Robots on Our Side

Sometimes humans can be quite slow, and we make mistakes. Luckily for us, robots are the alternative we use to ensure your network is safe and sound.


” F5 IT provided a shining a light into my business and helped us grow! They continue to be an integral part of the business – thank you F5 IT!”
– Chad Murry, Clayton


Why Choose F5 IT ?

Don’t just take our word for it.
We put in writing everything we say, and stand behind out customer service.
We own and deliver our promises and have a 100% customer retention record.

We have Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place so you can be assured your business will never be left in the dark should an issue occur.
With all Managed Service Customers you also have access to software and hardware discounts, on-site and after hour support discounts and a good nights sleep knowing your business is in good hands.

Included in our partnership

  • Connector.

    PC, MAC and Server proactive maintenace

    This not only extends the life of your infrastructure but also mitigates the likelihood of any potential issues occurring during daily business use.

  • Connector.

    Managed Anti-virus

    We have direct access to the logs of your anti-virus software. In most cases we will know if an outbreak before you do!

  • Connector.

    Internet and Access Points

    We have advanced software capable of notifying us should any of your networking devices suddenly stop working.

  • Connector.

    Patch Management

    We all know too well what happens when a hacker exploits a badly updated system. We don’t let this happen to you by making sure we stay up to date with the latest information circulating the web. Enabling us to patch your systems daily or weekly as required.

  • Connector.

    Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    We put in writing our response times so that you have piece of mind knowing your not being left in the dark when your business needs us the most.

  • Connector.

    Managed Backups

    Ask your current I.T guy if he knows when you last had a successful backup? Do you know what is being backed up? How about what happens should it fail? – Let us take the responsibility away from you and your staff.