What if we told you, that you could protect your business and its data from as little as $1 per day?

$1 per day doesn’t seem like a lot, and now-days there isn’t very much you can get for $1.

In-fact we’ve made a small list of the things you could buy if you we’re to spend $1 per day over a month!

6 x Coffees – all dairy free, no sugar, no fat milk, all soy – no taste

An awesome Parmigiana at your local pub. (That will later make you question if the Chicken was cooked well enough)

Or Half of this Lego Architectural Model of London (which you will find in a million pieces on the floor and inevitably will step on)

Or you could protect your business the SMART way!

$1 per day (spent wisely) means you no longer need to concern yourself with…


That one staff member who constantly downloads Candy Crush behind your back and has more than likely given your banking details to a “Nigerian Prince”.

Computer Melt-Downs

We will be able to detect aging system issues with your machines BEFORE they happen. So your staff can continue to work (and not call a sick day).

Windows Updates

Your computers need to be constantly updated. Hackers are looking to exploit aging and unpatched machines which makes your DATA and business vulnerable to attacks. Hows that reception computer going that has internet issues?

Let us take the worry away!

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