What is IntelliGuard?

IntelliGuard is our collection of state-of-the-art monitoring, backup and anti-virus platforms all working in harmony to ensure you get the best results from your I.T systems.
We think robots are quicker at predicting problems than we are, so we employ them to work for you and automate your systems 24×7.

More About IntelliGuard

Why do I need IntelliGuard?

24 x 7 Monitoring

We have remote eyes and ears all over your I.T systems so that we can act before your business becomes impacted

Less Business Downtime

Proper maintenance and care for your I.T systems will increase their life span.
This will also increase business productivity and Operational costs.

Discounted On-site Rates

All on-site support is given at a special discounted rate for all of our managed customers.

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing your I.T systems are in good hands, Giving you the time to focus on what matters.

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The Difference Between


  • Connector.


    The issue has already occurred. Your business has already felt the impact and there is possible down time. You are paying staff to sit around and wait while the issue gets fixed.

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    You have not planned for this.
    You have a deadline for a tender by end of day and your files are gone.
    There is little that can be done.
    I.T need to remove your computer for a few days to quarantine it and factory reset it back to normal.

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    Disaster Recovery

    Subsequent cause from virus or a disgruntled ex-employee.
    Maybe someone saved over the wrong file?
    Did your backups run and can they be restored successfully?
    Where is the harddrive from last week?
    We have no plan for this.
    = Business downtime


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    Pro-active Maintenance

    Daily / Weekly Maintenance performed to your computer systems will reduce the likelihood of any serious downtime affecting your business. This will ensure that all serious issues are found and fixed before they cause serious issues.

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    Managed Anti-virus

    Your business has had an Anti-virus audit.
    You have up to date Virus definitions and extra layer of security added to ensure you don’t open that attachment in your email.
    And if we need to rely on backups – we’re ready.

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    Disaster Recovery

    Your files have been backed up and restores have been tested weekly.
    No panic attacks or deep breathing required.
    You have an SLA that F5 adheres to so there is minimal downtime to your business. You pat yourself on the back for having your I.T Pro-actively manage this for you.
    = No Business downtime, Good Job